Six Creative Ways to Make Extra Money

The need for additional income has become increasingly common during this cost of living crisis we have found ourselves in. Whether you are looking to cover unexpected expenses, pay off debt, boost your savings, go on a well-deserved holiday, or simply enjoy more financial freedom, there are all sorts of ways to make extra money in New Zealand. In this article, we’ll look at six different types of work or jobs that can do to help you supplement your income.


Babysitting is not just a way to earn extra money; it’s an opportunity to create lasting connections with families in your community. Local, reputable babysitters and child-minders are in big demand. You can establish yourself in your area and build up your profile by putting together a flyer and distributing it where you live. You could also set up a Facebook business page and promote your services on local parenting websites or apps.

Another option to find this type of work may be as a mother help. A mother’s helper is person who helps with daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, providing childcare or preparing family meals. You’ll usually work between 3 pm and 6 pm and will most likely need to go through police and reference checks. There are websites offering mother help services. Rates of pay and hours of care are flexible and designed to suit each family.


Cleaning services are well sought after. People lead busy lives, meaning there is plenty of potential work out there. It also pays well – often much better than minimum wage. Cleaning is a great side hustle because it provides flexible working hours. You can set your hours and work around your life and family commitments. Customers need cleaners all days of the week, so it is really up to you what days and hours you choose to work.

You can easily build up a small business with few start-up costs. For most household cleaning jobs you will probably need cleaning supplies, which you can buy more cheaply in bulk. Do well and then there’s a good chance clients will tell their friends about you. This is the type of work you can easily build up through word of mouth and networking with friends, family, and organisations you may be part of. Check out local Facebook groups to see what’s needed in your area or put together a flyer and distribute it around the neighbourhood.

Gardening and lawnmowing

Many people in New Zealand have a lawn to mow or a garden to maintain and as the world becomes a busier place, people just don’t have the time. For you, that is an opportunity. Lawn mowing and gardening is a stable and repeat business. As long as grass, weeds and plants grow, customers will need it to be cut, trimmed and removed. You could also provide one-off services to help with spring cleaning and tree trimming. Many people will have equipment you can use. Again, you can advertise your services by putting together a flyer and distributing it around the neighbourhood. You could also set up a Facebook business page and promote your services on local Facebook groups.

Food delivery

If you enjoy getting out and about and want the flexibility to choose your hours, then Uber Eats may be a good fit. You must own a smartphone; however, you don’t have to own a vehicle. Uber Eats allows you to use a motorcycle or even a bicycle.

The earning potential as an Uber Eats driver varies depending on the location, time of day you work, and the demand for food delivery. You can work whatever shifts you’d like, so if you’re not a morning

person, you can work afternoons, evenings, or even late nights. Driving for Uber Eats can be worth it, especially during peak times, and if you’re lucky enough to get good tips.

Rent a spare room

If have a spare room, Airbnb is another way to generate passive income. How much you make will depend on where you live, how frequently you rent out a room, your home itself and the services you provide. You will have to have people in your house, taking up space, and potentially using your kitchen and bathroom, but the extra money can be very handy. It’s also important to keep in mind that you will probably have to spend money to prepare your space for renting.

Get an events gig

There are plenty of part-time jobs available for events, particularly over the summer. If you’re in an area that hosts lots of events, you might be able to find casual work in catering or as a waiter. This kind of work is usually at weekends and evenings, and the skills required can normally be learnt on the job. There are websites offering work where you can load up your C.V.

Working toward financial freedom

Exploring creative avenues to boost your income is a strategic move towards financial freedom. The key to making extra money lies in identifying and leveraging your skills and resources. There are numerous opportunities available, and the key is to choose the option that aligns with your interests, and availability and to tailor your approach based on your strengths and the specific demands of the market.