Debt Consolidation

Are you losing track on what finances you are paying? Juggling a lot of debts such as Hire Purchases, Personal Loans, Vehicle Finance or Credit or Store card payment can be quite daunting and it can become overwhelming at times.

Our debt consolidation loan is an excellent way to take control of your finances. By consolidating your debts into one easy to manage loan you will only have to make one regular repayment. Where previously you may have been making multiple payments to different companies rest easy in the knowledge that you will now only be making one easy to manage payment.

Our friendly team will:

  • Work with you to choose a flexible repayment plan most suitable for you
  • Set repayments based on your pay cycle. This will make it easier for you to juggle your budget
  • Provide a fast, flexible and simple process

You may have originally applied with us for a Personal Loan but if we see that you have multiple finances we may suggest a Debt consolidation loan as a more suitable alternative for you.

Fees & Interest you may save with a debt consolidation loan with Hippocash.

  • Credit/Store card fees & interest for late payments
  • Multiple Direct Debit Fees
  • Dishonour Fees charged by your bank and any lender for failed payments
  • Default interest for any failed payments
  • Early settlement fees. At Hippocash you can pay off your loan at any time at no extra cost.